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How to Sell Auto Insurance
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How to Sell Auto Insurance 

Do you know that knowing how to sell auto insurance has become one of the most striking options for any entrepreneur today?

All thanks to the fact that it doesn’t necessarily represent great difficulties to start formally despite being very profitable.

Auto insurance isn’t just a necessity; it is required by law. And to make great sales from it, you’ve got to be honest with your products and put yourself in the buyer’s position.

Sell ​​people only the amount of insurance they need. This is because your success will depend on how you represent your products and treat your customers in the long run.

In this article, I’ll share tips that would aid you in selling auto insurance successfully.

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Table of Contents


  • Tips on How to Sell Auto Insurance
    • 1. Make a Marketing and Sales Plan
    • 2. Craft Out a “Buyer Persona” for Each of Your Products
    • 3. Record the Entire Sales Process
    • 4. Position Yourself as an Expert
    • 5. Try to Build Customer Loyalty

Tips on How to Sell Auto Insurance

Below are some tips on how to sell auto insurance:

1. Make a Marketing and Sales Plan

It is important that, as an insurance salesperson, you have a defined strategy that serves as a road map or guideline for the different actions that you plan to carry out to achieve these objectives.

This marketing plan can range from online and offline advertising actions to visiting routes by sending emails, phone calls, or visiting potential customers in our database.

Another important aspect is to differentiate different actions for each type of car insurance in our portfolio and identify their Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, and Opportunities (what is known as SWOT).

Also, sticking to a predefined sales plan does not mean giving up improvisation and naturalness.

On the contrary, a good seller must be able to find arguments and innovate in sales actions, such as omni-channel communication, based on the actions of potential clients.

Digital marketing for insurance agents is, therefore, a guide that should in no way stifle your spontaneity.

2. Craft Out a “Buyer Persona” for Each of Your Products

The first thing to do when deciding how to sell car insurance is to be very clear about who you are targeting, that is, what your potential client is like in each case.

For example, if you are addressing a young potential client, you should act differently than if it is an older person.

For example, in general, young people have less purchasing power and are less afraid of risks, so the main sales argument for car insurance should be price.

However, an older driver is likely to look favorably on insurance with much coverage, even if it is more expensive.

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3. Record the Entire Sales Process

The organization in sales is essential, especially if you work as a team, although it also better optimizes time if done individually.

It is important to define tasks and standardize and automate the entire sales process (with the necessary computer tools):

  • Premium calculation
  • Customer follow-up
  • Sending emails, etc.

4. Position Yourself as an Expert

Your clients must see you as an expert in the field, in this case, auto insurance.

This will help them trust you and, by extension, your products. You can achieve this in several ways:

  • Have a website or blog with articles and other quality content on car insurance.
  • Open profiles on social networks where valuable information is frequently published.
  • Participate in online and offline industry events: webinars, conferences, seminars, etc.

Another way to show that we know the ins and outs of insurance very well is to ask our potential clients intelligent questions.

These, in addition, will help us to know their needs and propose our insurance products.

For example, we can ask them about what coverage they find most interesting or if they know what type of damage is covered by their current insurance and which is not.

It would be best if you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Offering your client something new and exclusive generates a need in them and turns your offer into something irresistible.

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5. Try to Build Customer Loyalty

The greatest value that an insurance advisor or an insurer possesses is the clients they already have in their portfolio.

The important thing is that they renew the policy every year, and to this end, you should direct your efforts:

  • Courtesy messages and call store mind you and encourage you to renew.
  • Try to resolve and facilitate all procedures related to your insurance.
  • Try to anticipate your needs and improve the conditions of your insurance as much as possible.

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