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Waggle pet insurance review
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Waggle pet insurance review 

In the UK, there are over 8million dogs and cats owned by various individuals. This figure obviously shows that UK citizens are pet lovers. With the huge number of pets in the country, lots of insurance companies including Waggle pet insurance have provided coverage for pets to cover unforeseen circumstances that may take place in the future.

If you are confused about the plan to go for with a large number of policies available you should continue reading this article as we are going to highlight pet insurance review of Waggle, what they cover and the benefits you can get if you get insured with them.

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  • What is Waggle?
  • What Cover do Waggle Offer to its Customers?
  • How to Make a Claim
  • Some Customers Reviews on Waggle
  • Conclusion

What is Waggle?

The name above sounds like the sound made by a dog isn’t it? Well, you must know that it is an insurance company specifically created to insure pets such as dogs and cats.

When pet owners decide to make a claim they are often met with options that can be described as confusing and infuriating at the same time. In other to put an end to this Waggle came into the insurance market to offer pet owners an option that ease the stress of making a claim.

It came into existence in 2018, with a mind-blowing strategy for its customers which was indeed a transparent pet insurance policy. A membership plan was introduced to Its customers that aren’t claims get value for their membership.

There is other insurance coverage offered by waggle you just have to keep scrolling.

What Cover do Waggle Offer to its Customers?

There are numerous coverages by Waggel and one of them is the annual coverage system.

Vet fees of £2,000, £4,000, £6,000, £8,000 and £10,000 are covered by waggle in cases of accident, illness or disease. They also provide coverage for emergency cases if you and your pet are away from the country but this only applies when your country of destination is within the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).

A third party liability of about £2m, which includes also claimant costs, legal cost and expenses of making a defence on a claim made against you.

They offer cover of £1,000 should your pet die during your policy year or is put down for humane reasons because of injury or illness.

A coverage of £ 1,000 will be handled by Waggel in a circumstance where your pet is stolen or lost. This will be after 45 days of searching for your pet. There are also behavioural, complementary treatments, as well as diagnostic scans and dental, care all covered by waggle for your furry friend.

How to Make a Claim

Making a claim in Waggel can is as easy as ABC that is why they described the process as a “10 seconds claim”. You don’t need to go through the stress of paperwork when you intend to make a claim with waggle insurance.

A customer care agent which waggle calls ” customer champion” will take down details of your claim. It is as easy as telling waggle the name of the vet and the bill for the health treatment of your pet. After that, you would know when your claims have been taken care of through their tracking system.

Some Customers Reviews on Waggle

Below are the reviews of customers on the Waggle pet insurance policy:

Pauline Parker said “We recently had to make a claim relating to our sick puppy. Making the claim was simple, hassle free and was settled in less than a week. Couldn’t have been simpler or more pleasing.”

From Darren Stanley “My experience with Waggle so far has just been amazing, not only have they dealt with my claim with speed and professionalism they have also made the focus on my dog. Asking for updates and asking us to give him a cuddle from the team. Charlie and I feel part of one big family as the team are focusing on the welfare of my dog and they really do care.”

Annie Fontana “Thank you for being so efficient, professional and yet friendly. I really like the updates and how prompt communication was throughout.
I literally just bumped into your company on the internet and have to say, I will definitely be recommending your service.”


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