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Top 20 Life Insurance Email Templates
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Top 20 Life Insurance Email Templates 

Have you ever received an email from a brand, organization, or influencer? It could be a call-up, follow up or application mail. How do you feel about receiving such life insurance email?

Email is one of the marketing tools that can be used by Life Insurance agents or organizations to daily commune with their clients, follow up or get referrals. It is easy for your clients to forget their purchase of insurance, but a mail is a reminder or a call of love that makes them feel among.

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Table of Contents


  • What is an Email Template?
  • Top 20 Life Insurance Email Templates
    • Policy Renewal Mail
    • Welcome Email
    • Referral Question
    • Policy Update
    • Client Birthday
    • Emergency/Alerts Email
    • Milestone Celebration
    • Benefits Mail
    • Content emails
    • Other Mails Include
  • Conclusion

What is an Email Template?

An E-mail template is a step-by-step written document or pictorial guide that puts you through without having to fret over what to write, and how to write. A template has been written already, all that is left to do is copy and fill in the blank spaces. This saves you from the stress of blunders, mistakes, etc.

A life insurance email template is a written or documented guideline that can be used by life insurance agents when communicating via email with their clients. For a life insurance agent or organization, various life insurance email templates can be used in keeping your clients closer alongside getting more clients. Do you need those templates? Read on to find out.

Top 20 Life Insurance Email Templates

Policy Renewal Mail

This should be sent at least 2 months before the policy expiry date to let your client know you have them in mind because not all of them bear the renewal or expiry date in mind.

Subject: Policy Renewal

Hi(client’s name), Your policy renewal is yet to be discussed and it is set to (expire/renew) on (date). You can drop by soon when you have a time that works for discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Welcome Email

If you gained a new client, they must be welcomed.

Subject: Welcome to (Agency name)

Hi (Client name), welcome to (Agency name). Nothing beats being able to help, I am happy you chose us, it was a great privilege finding answers to what you seek and I look forward to the continuous partnership. You can always reach out to (Email or phone number) if you have any questions or concerns.


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Referral Question

This should be sent months after getting a new client.

Subject: Do you know someone who needs my help?

Hi (client’s name), Thanks for joining the family (Agency name). You’ve tested us and you can trust us. I would like for your friends and family to have a taste of the test, if you don’t mind, you can share my contact info with them and let them reach out. Thanks. I appreciate your support.


Policy Update

Changes might be made in your policies, it is best to inform your clients as soon as possible.

Subject: policy update; a change for all.

Hi (Client name), I bring to you good tidings from (Agency name). This is to inform you that on (date) our life insurance policies have been updated. The changes include (Make a list of the changed policies). You can drop by or put a call across to ask questions as regards your policy.



Client Birthday

Your client’s 65th birthday keeps getting closer, you should reach out to them on or before their day.

Hi (Client’s name), The best day to count your blessing is now. Congratulations on your 65th birthday. This is the time to care for yourself and watch your health. Check out these medihealth tips.

Enjoy your day.


Emergency/Alerts Email

This is a way of showing your client you care by reaching out to them by giving first-hand information about earthquakes, floods, accidents, power outages, etc.

Dear (client name),

Please do well to stay safe, ensure you take appropriate measures as you step out against these bad events out there.

Be watchful and be alert as you step out.

Best regards.


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Milestone Celebration

You can build a relationship with your clients by celebrating anniversaries, customer numbers, awards, etc.

Subject: Celebrating our 7th Anniversary.

Hi (Clients name) [ agency name] is intrigued to celebrate her 7th anniversary with you. It wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t deem it fit to insure life.

On this occasion, to celebrate with us, refer friends to earn (give discount) on our life insurance policy, follow us on our social media handles. Thanks for celebrating with us.


Benefits Mail

To sell insurance, it is important to emphasize the benefits.

Subject: What do you stand to gain?

Hi (client name), Every 6 seconds, a life insurance owner is faced with different risks.

(Product name) is a life insurance plan that covers injuries (accidents), cancers, surgeries, congenital and hereditary ailments. However, it excludes suicide and criminal activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out (email or phone number)

Best wishes.


Content emails

Once your client receives a mail, they expect more. It is just like “a taste keeps them salivating more”. So you can make it a daily, weekly, or monthly reaching out where you share “life tips, stories about life insurance, your brand vision or mission, and any other shareable contents.” Your mails will be a constant reminder for those who are not ready for insurance purchase to reach out to you once they are ready.

Other Mails Include

  • Follow up mail,
  • Gratitude mail,
  • Agents license renewal date mail,
  • Lead form submission for new prospects mail,
  • Policy status update mail,
  • Holidays/special celebration mails.

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